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Word Introduction Workshop
This course is suitable for anyone new to Word
Course Content 1 Day


The aim of this 1 Day workshop is to introduce Users to working with MS Word. All the core tools are covered including, Manipulating text, Formatting text, document views, Indents, Bullets and numbering, Page breaks and working with margins, Headers & footers and Printing documents. Extensive hands-on exercises are carried on through-out the workshop.

Versions ; This course is available for Word 2003, 2007 & 2010


Copying and Moving Text

Using the Clipboard for Copying Multiple Items

Formatting Text

Using Print Layout View / Normal View

Using the Show/Hide Button

Using the Undo/Redo Buttons

Using Find/Replace

Setting Double Line Spacing

Indenting Text

Adding Bullets or Numbering

Inserting Page Breaks

Setting Page Margins

Changing Page Orientation from Portrait to Landscape

Changing the Vertical Alignment

Setting Page Numbers

Using Headers and Footers

Using Print Preview to show multiple pages or one page

Printing a Specific Number of Pages