Training Limited
Word Advanced Workshop
Brings experienced users through the power tools in Word
Course Content 1 Day


The aim of this 1 day workshop is to introduce users to the advanced features in MS Word. Delegates will learn how to use Mail Merge, use footnotes, create & modify Table of Contents, track changes in documents, and create templates.


Delegates attending this workshop should be experienced word users and achieved proficiency at Intermediate level ( see Intermediate Course). Tools are taught by extensive hands-on training.

Versions ; This course is available for Word 2003, 2007 & 2010

Course Contents

Create a Mail Merge using an Existing Data Source

Create a New Data Source for a Mail Merge

Use Mail Merge to Create Mailing Labels

Create Footnotes and Endnotes

Editing, Moving or Copying Footnotes and Endnotes

Creating a Bookmark

Creating a Cross-Reference

Creating a Table of Contents

Updating a Table of Contents

Marking Index Entries

Creating an Index

Tracking Changes in a Document

Accepting and Rejecting Changes

Creating a Watermark

Creating a Template

Attaching a Template to a Document

Creating a Macro

Editing a Macro Project

Adding a Macro to a Toolbar

Customising Menus and Toolbars