Training Limited
Visio Workshop
This course is suitable for anyone new to Visio
Course Content 1 Day

Course Aims

This 1-day Visio course is designed to provide Participants with a solid foundation upon which to build skills in using Microsoft Visio. Participants will learn how to use Visio by working through the many practical exercises in the course. Participants will create Process Map Flowcharts, Cross Functional Flowcharts, Organisation Charts, Gantt Charts and apply lessons learned to any other type of Diagram. This is a hands-on course where delegates will practice what they learn during the course.

Who should attend?
Intending, new or recent Visio users who want to learn how to use this Microsoft software application in a short space of time.

What are the course prerequisites?
A working knowledge of PCs and Windows is assumed.

Versions ; This course is available for Visio 2003, 2007 & 2010


Course Outline

Visio Familiarisation:

Overview, Starting a new file, The Visio interface, File types, Changing view settings, Navigating pages, Opening additional stencils, Selection techniques, Scaling and resizing
This section provides an overview of the Visio work area. You will become familiar with the various toolbars, menus, file dialog boxes, primary interface components and how to perform basic actions in Visio.

Fundamental Techniques

Drawing tools, Shapes, Lines, Drawing with precision, Duplicating objects, Aligning objects, Distributing objects, Grouping and moving, Rotating objects
When you complete this section you will have a basic understanding of how to manipulate objects, perform basic editing routines, draw simple shapes, and add master shapes to a drawing page.

Creating a Flow Diagram (Process Mapping)

Master shapes, Placing shapes, Connecting shapes, Basic text features, Adding text to shapes, Text blocks, Formatting basics, Formatting text, Formatting shapes, Formatting lines, Backgrounds, Dynamic connectors, Stamp Tool

In this section you will work more extensively with the stencils and tools necessary to create a professional-looking flowchart diagrams. When you finish, you will have the necessary skills needed to complete a basic connected diagram, understand how shapes are glued together, add and edit text, and format the elements of your drawing by adding colour and changing attributes.

Cross-Functional Flowcharts (Process Mapping)

Overview, Layout, Functional bands, File properties, Page and printer setup, Background pages, Adding text, Custom colours, Separators, Connection points, Detail pages, Linking diagrams, Hyperlinks to WWW, Intranet, Visio Pages, Word and Excel files

In this section you will learn how to create a basic cross-functional flow diagram. You will be introduced to some new editing concepts, such as guides, gluing, and connection points. This module also covers how to link pages and how to use shapes to link to other documents created using other applications.

Organisation Charts
Overview, Page layout wizard, Importing graphics, Creating an organisation chart, Shape placement, Groups, Managing detail, Custom properties, Organization Chart Wizard, Changing shapes, Updating the chart with the Wizard, Printing charts
This section covers using the Page Layout Wizard to create page layouts, the Organization Chart Wizard, and printing. You will explore ways of creating organisation charts in Visio.

Gantt Charts

Creating Project Gantt Charts, Adding Phases, Tasks, Milestones, Links, Durations, Resources, % Complete, Tracking. Saving the Gantt Chart. You will create your own Project