Training Limited



Travelling to and from training courses is both expensive and time consuming. We now offer our courses as “Live “ classroom courses over the internet. We have been delivering training since 2010 and feedback from clients has been very positive using Citrix’s Go to training Solution.

In-House Courses

To gain the maximum benefit from your training budget, In-House courses allows you to spread the training a wide as possible. It saves time & money. Programs can be for 1 day or for a series of course. We can discuss your requirements, design a program that best meets your needs and deliver training at a time and or location that suits you.


Clients have priorities in terms of the tools that they want to master. Customising training allows you to concentrate on the areas that are most importance. Having the opportunity to select a range of topics from across a number of courses will save time and money. You can also work on specific problems and gain solutions which you can apply back on the job.


On completion of a course you may want assistance in applying skills that you have learnt on the course. We can help you translate these new tools and skills to your current projects. This can be done on a one to one basis, or for small group

Why Us

All our trainers are industry professionals. They have many years experience of providing excellent class-room training. Learning is meant to be fun and our trainers strive to make our courses as enjoyable an experience as possible. Moreover they have a significant industry experience. They are practitioners as well as trainers and can bring real-world expertise into the classroom.

The best approach to learning is for participant to do it themselves. All our courses are highly interactive. Each course contains around 50% practical work or more. We make our practical work as relevant as possible so that participants can easily apply new skills to their work.We provide a range of approaches to training so that you can get the best solution to your technology skills gaps.