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Solaris™ System Administration P1
This course is suitable for anyone new to System Administration
Course Content 1 Day

The Oracle™ solaris™ 11 System Administration course is designed to provide enterprise system administrators, who are new to the Oracle™ solaris™ 11 Operating System, with the skills they need to perform their job tasks successfully and efficiently.

The course covers the full range of introductory system administration tasks from installing the operating system on a single system to monitoring and basic troubleshooting. The course provides an intensive hands-on experience for key system administration tasks with the goal of making the system administrator job-ready.


Delegates should be competent Unix users familiar with Unix file commands, editors and shell scripting.

Course Objectives

Installing solaris™ 11 using Interactive Installer

Updating solaris™ 11 using IPS

Managing Software Packages

Administering SMF Services

Booting & Shutting Down a System

Managing ZFS Storage Pools

Managing ZFS File Systems

Using ZFS Snapshot & Clones

Administering solaris™ Zone

Administering a Physical Network

Setting up & Maintaining User Accounts

Configuring User Shells and Disk User Quotas

Controlling Access to Systems

Controlling Access to Files

Configuring and Using Secure Shell

Managing Systems Processes

Scheduling System Tasks

Monitoring System Logs and Crash and Core Dumps

Performing basic Trouble shooting