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Powerpoint Introduction
This course is suitable for anyone new to Powerpoint
Course Content 1 Day

Audience:This course is designed for new users, or users that have been self taught on Powerpoint. The course covers all aspect of creating a presentation from scratch right through to running a presentation with animation.

PowerPoint Advanced Course Objectives: After the course, you will be able to:

Create Presentations

Format Presentations

Create Charts, Tables, Diagrams etc

Create Handouts

Animate and Present

Requirements: No previous experience of PowerPoint is required to attend this course. You should have basic windows, keyboard and mouse skills

Course Duration: This is a 1 day Powerpoint 2007 Introduction Course . Course starts at 09:30 and runs until 16:30

Versions ; This course is available for Power Point  2003, 2007 & 2010

PowerPoint Overview

User interface overview -Title Bar, Menus / Ribbons, Tri Pane View (Normal)

Using Help

Creating a New Presentation

Creating A New Presentation and Saving

Adding New Slides - entering & editing Text

Slide Layouts - Title Slide, Bulleted List, Two Column Text

Changing the slide layout

Creating Blank Slides

Adding Freeform Text

Formatting Text

Selecting Text and Selecting Placeholders

Formatting Text

Formatting Backgrounds

Formatting Numbered and Bulleted Lists

Slide Master

Format Painter

Powerpoint Views

Normal (Tripane) View

Slide Sorter View

Notes Pages View

Slide Show View

View in Black and White

Print Preview

Outline View

Drawing Tools

The Drawing Toolbar

Drawing basic shapes freehand

Creating regular shapes

Formatting Shapes including 3D, Shadows and Fill Effects

Creating Auto Shapes, Moving and Copying

Working with Guides and Visible Grid

Aligning & Distributing Objects

Flipping and Rotating Objects

Ordering and Grouping Objects

Inserting and formatting text within a shape

Inserting WordArt

Graphics and Clipart

Inserting Clip Art

Moving and Resizing

Re-colouring Clip Art

Grouping and Un-grouping Clip Art

Tables and Charts

Create a table

Adding text

Inserting columns and rows

Enhancing a table with formatting

Create a chart

Editing the Chart Type

Editing the Chart Options

Create an organisation Chart

Editing an organisation Chart

Slide Masters and Templates

Viewing the Slide Master

Adding a company logo to every slide

Formatting the background

Colour Schemes

Format Title Area and Object Area

Adding Headers & Footers

Inserting a second Slide Master

Preserving a Slide Master

Viewing the Title Master

Editing the Title Master

Applying Design Templates

Slide Design Task Pane

Creating your own design Template

Apply your own design template

Change the settings of the default design

Transitions and Animation

Transition Effects

Building Bullet Points

Animating a Chart

Previewing Animations

Animation Schemes

Custom Animation

Path animation

Animating multiple objects simultaneously

Slide Shows

Rehearsing the timing of a Presentation

Controls to use during slide shows

Slide Navigator

Hiding Slides

Printing Presentations

Print Preview

Printing Handouts

Printing Notes Pages

Printing Outline View