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Java Programming Fundamentals
This course is suitable for anyone new to Java
Course Content 5 Days

This course is aimed at developers who want to transition into Java. The course explores core Java syntax and shows how to implement well-structured object-oriented applications.


Java, the Big Picture: Java as a language; Java as a platform; Summary of Java Standard Edition vs. Java Enterprise Edition vs. Java Micro Edition

Getting Started with Java Tools: Overview of Java SDK tools; Java compiler and Java interpreter; Building API documentation with Javadoc

Java Core Language Features: Java statements; Code blocks; Primitive data types; Literals and variables; Converting data types; Operators; Packages

Flow Control: Decision making: if and if-else; The switch statement; Looping: for loops; while loops; do-while loops; for-each style loops

Object Oriented Principles: Classes and objects; Abstraction; Encapsulation; Inheritance and polymorphism

Using Classes; Classes vs. primitive types; Creating new objects; Invoking methods; Passing parameters and using return values; Garbage collection

Defining New Classes: Defining instance methods and instance variables; The ‘this’ keyword; Defining and calling constructors

Static Members: The concept of static members; Defining static methods; Calling static methods; Defining static data members; Uses of static members

Arrays: Overview of arrays; Creating arrays of primitives; Creating arrays of objects

Inheritance: Defining subclasses; The ‘protected’ accessibility specifier; Accessing superclass members; Defining constructors in an inheritance hierarchy

Polymorphism: The principle of substitutability; Overriding base-class behaviour; Polymorphic collections

Introduction to Collections: Overview of collection classes; Overview of generics syntax; Simple examples of using list-based collections


Attendees must be developers with solid familiarity in at least one other programming language.
Non-programmers should first attend the “Elementary Programming” course and get some core programming experience before attending this course.