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Excel VBA Introduction
This course is suitable for anyone new to Excel
Course Content 1 Day

Course Aims:

This 2 day course has been specially designed for advanced users who want to make use of the more powerful facilities of MS Excel made available by VBA. This course explores VBA language and delegates will be encouraged to write programs to ensure that future editing, amending and updating can be carried out with the minimum of effort.

Who should attend?:

 Existing Excel power users who wish to utilise the Visual BASIC facility within the package to develop more sophisticated applications.

What are the course prerequisites?:

Excel users who are confident in their use of  the commands, functions and  simple Macros gained by prior attendance on an "Excel Advanced" course or via user experience.

Course Outline:


What is a Macro
Recording & Running a Macro
Relative verus Absolote Code References

Assigning Macros to Buttons and Objects

Assigning a Macro to a Button or a Drawn Object on a Sheet
Assigning a Macro to a Button on a Toolbar
Customising a Toolbar
Creating a Toolbar
Button Image Editor
Changing a Button’s Screen Tip

Editing Macros

Visual Basic Editor
Project Explorer
Procedures; Inserting Comments
Printing a Visual Basic Module

The Range Object

Cells & Range Method; Flexible Ranges
Virtual Worksheets; Range Contents

Workbooks and Sheets

Activating a Workbook
Activating a Worksheet

Objects, Properties & Methods

Controlling Objects with their Properties
Performing Actions with Methods
Performing Multiple Actions on an Object

Variables and Constants

Variables, Data Types & Constants

Control Structures

Conditional & Looping Control Structures

Passing data between Procedures
Sub Procedures

Controls Dialogue Boxes and Forms

Built-In & Predefined Dialogue Boxes

Custom, Worksheet & User Defined Forms
Adding Form Controls
Form Control Properties
Control & Dialogue Box Events
Displaying & Dismissing a User Form

Storing Information

Using InputBox
Using MsgBox
Using Variables

Debugging & Error trapping

Errors, Break Mode
Stepping & Error Handling

Worksheet & Workbook Events

Worksheet Object Events
Workbook Object Events

Function Procedures

Creating User Defined Functions

Appendix A - Naming Conventions

User Form Controls
Memory Variables
ASII Codes
MsgBox settings