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Excel for Sales Managers
Brings experienced users through the power tools in Excel
Course Content 1 Day

This one day workshop is designed to show Sales managers, General Managers and Sales staff, how to make effective use of Excel in tracking and managing Sales activity in their organisations.

Pre-Requisites ; Delegates should have a good use of basic excel tools & concepts

Versions ; This course is available for Excel 2003, 2007 & 2010

Module 1: Working with Named Ranges

Creating Named Ranges
Creating several Named Ranges together
Moving to Ranges
Using Range Names in Formulas
Editing Range Names
Copying and Moving Ranges
Formatting Ranges
Clearing Ranges
Printing Ranges

Module 2 – Multiple Sheets & Workbooks

Working with Worksheets
Grouping Sheets
Linking Sheets
Working with Workbooks
Grouping Workbooks
Linking Workbooks
Working with Workspaces
Working with Consolidation
Working with Group & Outline

Module 3: Using Functions in Formulas

Using Functions to Compare Data
Using the IF and SUMIF Functions
Creating Nested IF Functions
Combining AND & OR with IF Functions

Module 4 – What-if-Analysis

Working with Goal Seek
Working with Scenarios
Working with Solver

Module 5 – Pivot Analysis

Working with Pivot Tables
Using pivot tables to analyse data
Customising Pivot Tables

Module 6 – Charting

Working with Charts
Change the tick-mark labels
Change the axes scales
Add & delete data series
Add data series or data points to a chart sheet
Combination charts
Secondary axis
Change the series type in a double-axis chart
Plot missing data
Error bars & trend-lines
Custom charts & formats

Review of creating Standard Excel for monthly / quarterly Reporting