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Excel Financial Reporting
This course is suitable for anyone new to Excel
Course Content 1 Day

This Workshop is aimed at staff who rely on Excel to solve many of their accounting and administrative problems,  but are largely self taught. This Workshop aims to fill key skills gaps that they may have.

Module 1 – Multiple Sheets & Workbooks 

Working with Worksheets ,Grouping Sheets, Linking Sheets,Working with Workbooks, Grouping Workbooks Linking Workbooks, Working with Workspaces, Working with Consolidation,Working with Group & Outline, 

Module 2 – Financial Functions 

Standard Financial Functions, Working with Data Tables, 

Module 3 – What-if-Analysis 

Working with Goal Seek,,Working with Scenarios,,Working with Solver,, 

Module 4 – Pivot Analysis 

Working with Pivot Tables,,Using pivot tables to analyse data,,Customising Pivot Tables 

Module 5 – Auditing 

Using the Auditing tools, Trace Precedence, Trace dependents, Trace errors, Change references with Range Finder, Insert a comment, Circle invalid data 

Module 6 – Charting 

Working with Charts, Change the tick-mark labels, Change the axes scales, Add & delete data series, Add data series or data points to a chart sheet, Combination charts, Secondary axis, Change the series type in a double-axis chart, Plot missing data, Error bars & trend-lines, Custom charts & formats 

Module 7 – Automating Excel 

Data Validation, Conditional Formatting, Writing Macros