Training Limited
Powerpoint Advanced
Aimed at Powerpoint users who want to improve on their core Powerpoint skills
Course Content 1 Day

Course Aims

This training won’t perform miracles or magic, there are no tricks in professional learning. What the course does offer are practical down-to-earth learning methods that have been developed by Instructors and then polished into highly professional techniques; that took participation, practice and exchange of best practice ideas among professionals. This one-day course will expand on the user's knowledge and show them how to create sophisticated presentations using some of the advanced features in PowerPoint. Specially prepared exercises will help participants to use the new tools quickly and confidently.
Who should attend?

Existing users of PowerPoint who want to use the more advanced features of this software to create slides with greater impact.
What are the course prerequisites?

A good basic working knowledge of PowerPoint as gained on a "PowerPoint Introduction" course or from experience.
Course Outline

Differences between PowerPoint Versions 2003 and 2007

Understanding the 2007 Ribbon, Tabs and Optional Tabs

Working with templates

Working with the Slide Master • Working with the Title Master • Masters and design templates • Modifying slides based on the Slide Master • Creating your own templates
Working with tables and organization charts

Creating a table in PowerPoint • Changing table attributes • Creating an organization chart • Changing organization chart attributes

Using PowerPoint with other programs

Object linking and embedding • Editing linked and embedded objects • Transferring text into PowerPoint from Word • Transferring PowerPoint data to a Word document • Embedding an Excel worksheet in a slide • Inserting slides from other presentations • Saving a file for use in another application

Creating graphs

Starting Microsoft Graph • The datasheet window • Entering and editing data in the datasheet window • The Graph Ribbon Tabs • Choosing a chart type • Adding chart elements • Editing a chart • Inserting a chart into a presentation • Inserting a chart from Excel • Setting chart defaults

Using 2007 Animation

Using Animation with Bullet Points, Charts, Smart Art, Images and Multimedia.

Customizing presentation slides

Creating custom backgrounds • Customising the slide colour scheme

Delivering On-Screen presentations

What is a slide show? • Hiding slides • Working with transition effects • Rehearsing a presentation • Interactive slide shows • Creating summary slides

Delivering Looping presentations
Timing a presentation • Setting the options for looping a Slide Show