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Excel Financial Reporting

Learn how to improve your Financial Reporting skills on our 1 day intensive hands on course. Covers all the key tools in Excel for power users.

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02/01 Excel Financial Reporting

Excel for Sales Managers

Shows Sales & Marketing Managers & staff how to make better use in using excel to both present and report your activities. Extensive hands on practical work on the most useful tools in excel.

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02/01 Excel for Sales Managers

Integrating Microsoft Office

Putting Excel Spreadsheets into Reports in Word or Power Point Presentations can be tricky. This course shows you how to easily integrate Office applications.

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03/01Integrating Microsoft Office

Java Programming Fundamentals

To become a proficient Java programmer you need a thorough introduction to the java language. This course gives you a rapid introduction to Java and OO programming allowing you to build significant competency in application development.

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03/01Java Programming Fundamentals

Java Enterprise Edition

If you want to offer large scale , multi-tiered, scalable , secure java applications this course will show you how to start to develop and deploy applications in this environment. This course is presented by leading software developers with state of the art training materials.

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04/01Java Enterprise Edition

Android Programming

Android SDK is the preferred environment for Mobile software Development. This course covers in an intensive & hands-on way the key areas of UI, Multimedia, database connectivity, Content Management, Location & broadcast receivers.

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04/01Android Programming

Solaris Systems Admin 1

Introduces Systems Administrators to the key tasks of installing O/S,manage Files Systems, create & Manage Accounts and System processes.

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05/01 Solaris Systems Admin 1...
Travelling to and from training courses is both expensive and time consuming. We now offer our courses as “Live “ classroom courses over the internet. We have been delivering training since 2010 and feedback from clients has been very positive.

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All our trainers are industry professionals. They have many years experience of providing excellent class-room training...


Feedback XL Financial Reporting
Overall an Excellent course, well prepared and Value for Money
Feedback Java Advanced Jan 2012
The tutor listened and brought us with him. A very good communicator on Key areas of Java